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We are an Aviation Start-up, we deal in inbound and outbound Aviation Air Charter Services, ticketing, tour packages, and visa processes etc. We have few new Blogs and App which cater completely to Aviation section. Charter jet categories include turbo props, light jets, mid-size jets, super mid-size jets, heavy jets, and Airliners. AirAviator provides Aircrafts ranging from helicopters to business jets to commercial Airliners for individuals, corporates and group travellers to any destination in the world.

FLY-CREW is our new project where we would like to provide jobs for qualified pilots, Cabin Crew and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers on temporary and contract basis. In India there are more than 7000 unemployed Pilots, more than 25000 unemployed Cabin crew members and more than 70000 unemployed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs). Through this project we would like to provide them a decent job opportunity. Jobs may be on contract basis.

If interested please send us the following details-

Contact Number-
Email Id-
Flying Hours-
Type of Air Craft-
License hold-
Preferred Cities-(minimum three cities)

Also attach your CV and send to the following email ids-






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