Asiana Airlines pilot was ‘nervous’ about landing before deadly San Francisco crash caught on camera

Asiana Airline B777 Plane crash Horrific new details into last summer’s deadly Asiana Airlines crash have emerged along with shocking new footage showing the fated passenger airline tumbling onto the San Francisco runway like never before. Firefighter interviews and a National Transportation Security Board accident summary reviewed at an NTSB hearing Wednesday admitted for the first time that a teenage girl who survived the crash was fatally struck twice as she lay motionless near the airplane’s left wing. Authorities in California confirmed months ago that 16-year-old Chinese student Ye Meng Yuan was alive on the runway and covered in firefighting foam when she was hit by an emergency vehicle at San Francisco International Airport and suffered the multiple blunt injuries that killed her. She was hit once by a fire rig spraying foam and again less than 11 minutes later by a second truck that was being turned around to fetch more water. “Shortly thereafter, the victim (no lo

Flight Operations: Line Captain – B737 NG Type Rated / Non-Type Rated

1. Jet Airways : Location: Across the network Reference number: LC/B737 NG/13 Candidates should be an Indian national and should possess current DGCA ATPL, FRTO, RTR (A) and Class I Medical. Candidates applying  should be 25 yrs and above and should be 162.5 cms and above in height. Candidates should have a minimum of 4000 total flying hours, which should include 3000 hours on Multi Engine Commercial jet, (with multi  crew operations and aircraft weighing more than 20 tons) out of which 1000 hours should be on Type as PIC. Non-type rated candidates meeting the above criteria with similar jet experience shall also be considered on a case-to-case basis. The  Company will provide a training / conversion course as applicable. Candidates should have an incident / accident free flying record. No Objection Certificate or Release letter from the previous employer is a must. The suitable candidates will be offered regular employment