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A320 Captain in Beijing Capital Airlines

What is an A320 Type Rating?  Or for that matter a Type Rating on any Aircraft.
It is a qualification that all Civil Aviation Authorities require you to complete before you may fly a complex type of Aircraft or helicopter.
Unlike light Aircraft where you would complete a Class Rating and then be qualified to fly a group of similar planes, the Type Rating goes into far more depth depending on the complexity of the Aircrafts systems and flying characteristics.
The Type Rating would take the form of an element of Ground School, Fixed Base simulator training and then Full Flight simulator training on very sophisticated level D devices. The final requirement would be to actually fly six touch and go’s in the form of six circuits. Once all the required training has taken place with an approved TRTO (Type Rating Training Organisation) then the Aircraft rating is issued onto the candidate’s professional flying licence.
To qualify for the A320 type rating course with our or any UK TRTO you wo…