Pilot Job: Peach Aviation A320 First Officer

Pilot Job: Peach Aviation A320 First Officer.

Peach Aviation A320 Introduces:-

Kabushiki Gaisha, operating under the brand name Peach) is a low-cost
airline based in Japan. Its head office is on the fifth floor of
Kensetsu-to (??? Kensetsu-to?) on the property of Kansai International
Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture.
Peach was formed in February 2011 as A&F Aviation, a joint venture
between All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the First Eastern Investment
Group, a Hong Kong-based private equity and venture capital firm. The
company applied for an operating certificate in April 2011 and changed
its name to Peach Aviation in May 2011. Its shares are held in almost
equal portions by ANA, FEIG, and the Innovation Network Corporation of
Japan (INCJ), ANA holding a slightly larger share of the three.

Peach's aircraft livery was designed by Neil Denari, and its crew
uniforms by James Wilkie.the airline is based at Kansai International
Airport. In July 2011, Peach received 1,909 applications for its first
class of ninety flight attendants.

At one time, its headquarters were located on the third floor of
Aeroplaza (?????? Earopuraza?), located on the property of Kansai
International Airport in Tajiri, Sennan District, Osaka Prefecture. On
1 August 2011, Peach announced that it was moving its operations
office from Aeroplaza to Kensetsu-to.

The airline's first flight was on 1 March 2012, between Kansai and New
Chitose Airport, which serves the Sapporo metropolitan area.

Peach was the most successful of the three new Japanese low-cost
carriers during their first year of operations, with average load
factors around 80 percent versus 70 percent for Jetstar Japan and 50
to 60 percent for AirAsia Japan. Peach's 24-hour operations and
exclusive terminal at Kansai Airport were credited for its relative
success, as well as its stronger focus on certain passenger experience
factors such as its reservations and check-in systems.

Peach cancelled over 2,000 planned flights for the summer 2014 season
(about 16% of its total capacity) due to a shortage of pilots. The
airline planned to have 62 pilots by October 2014 but only had 52 as
of April, eight of whom were sick or injured and unable to fly. Loss
of pilots to other airlines was a cause for the shortage.

Minimum Requirements:-

    Total Time: 4000+ hours
    PIC Time: 1500+ PIC hours on commercial jets
    A319/320/321 type rating and time on type
    Preferably last flight as PIC within 12 months
    Age: Under 60 years at date of joining
    If you are JCAB licensed but do not meet the above minimum
requirements please also contact us to discuss.

Peach Aviation:-
Peach Aviation is a low cost carrier based in Japan, with All Nippon
Airways (ANA) being a shareholder. The airline currently operates a
fleet of 12 A320 and has orders for 5 additional aircraft.

Excellent Pay & Commuting Rosters, Tickets home, Bonuses and contract
period to Suit!

We know that finding the right people for your airline is of vital
importance. We work closely with you to identify professional,
reliable and committed candidates who will meet your requirements and
also enhance your business.
Aviation Recruitment – It’s what we do

Partnering with Fly Crew recruitment offers you the
opportunity to tap into our extensive database of experienced pilots,
engineers and aviation personnel to find exactly the right candidates
for your organisation.

Longreach Aviation is proud to offer the recruitment of Captains to
fly the Airbus A320 for Peach Aviation.

These positions are available for type rated and non-type rated
candidates, and holders of either a JCAB or ICAO ATPL.

Peach Aviation is a new Low Cost Carrier established in February 2011
and operates out of Kansai, Japan. Peach is part owned by All Nippon
Airways (ANA), one of the largest airlines in the Asian region. Peach
Aviation currently operates a fleet of 12 A320 and has orders for 5
additional aircraft.

Two employment contracts are available: a long term 3 year contract
renewable up to the age of 65, and a short term 2 year contract that
will be renewed only once.

Candidates electing the long term contract will have a A320 conversion
supplied by Peach. For those candidates electing the short term 2 year
contract, the cost of their type rating can be deducted over their
contract period.


    Minimum 1,500 hours PIC on commercial jets
    Minimum 4,000 hrs total time
    A320 rating preferred, but not required
    Maximum age of 60
    Valid ICAO or JCAB rating
    Valid ICAO or JCAB ATPL
    Valid First Class Medical
    ICAO English Level 4 or above

Combining our knowledge, vision, flexibility and responsiveness,
Rishworth Aviation is seen as a stand-out choice in a changing world
of aviation recruitment and leasing. Today, Rishworth stands at the
forefront of airline recruitment through its flight crew leasing and
provisioning expertise.

We offer a host of generous service benefits including:

·Free and discounted travel
·Annual wage supplement of one month’s salary
·Profit sharing bonus
·Attractive medical and dental benefits
·Meal, productivity and transport allowance where applicable

Minimum requirements:-

 Ex Cabin Crew with a minimum of 3 years flying experience with an
International Airline
 Preferably should not have left the airlines more than 5 years ago
 Still have the passion for flying and have what it takes to be part of our team
 Foreigners need not apply

Please send your resume with a recent full length photograph of yourself

If you are interested in this job APPLY HERE

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Pilot Job Requirements:-

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pilots must have at least
a two-year degree to work for an airline, but most require a
bachelor's degree. Completed coursework in such areas as physics and
aeronautical engineering is desirable.

All United States pilots who are compensated for transferring
passengers or cargo must be certified by the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA). The FAA mandates that airline pilots must be at
least 23 years of age, have at least 1,500 hours of flying experience
and complete training at a FAA-certified flight school. In addition to
flight training, applicants also must pass written and flight
examinations and meet physical requirements, such as having 20/20
vision (with or without eyeglasses) and good hearing.

Pilots can meet the FAA's experience requirement in several ways. Many
are trained to fly in the military, where they develop skills that are
transferable to operating commercial aircraft. Others learned to fly
at commercial aviation schools and gained experience by flying smaller
passenger planes or cargo aircraft for businesses.

Personal Characteristics:

Pilots must be able to remain calm under pressure and have the ability
to make decisions quickly. FAA training includes psychological
evaluation to ensure that pilots possess the necessary mental
stability. Pilots also must pay strict attention to detail to ensure
the airplane is ready for flight and spot signs of trouble during a

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